Traffic Accidents

Traffic AccidentsCertain factors in DUI / DWI cases such as having children in the car, speeding, and being involved in an accident can prompt prosecutors to add sentencing enhancements to the complaint. Sentencing enhancements can add substantially to the punishment in a drunk driving case. A California attorney experienced in handling DUI / DWI cases can explain the consequences of sentencing enhancements and help plan a strategic defense.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) that involve traffic accidents, particularly those that cause injury to someone other than the driver, are typically charged as a felony. If the sentencing enhancement of being involved in an accident is proven in conjunction with a felony DUI / DWI conviction, the driver faces an additional 90 days to one year in jail.

Sentencing enhancements can also be added for a number of other factors, including prior DUI’s or “wet-reckless” convictions, or drunk driving offenses that involve a death or multiple victims. If proven, each allegation carries substantial penalties.

In some cases that include the sentence enhancement of being involved in an accident, the driver may want to consider a plea bargain if one is offered. Drivers who plead guilty before their cases reach trial typically receive negotiated punishment or reduced charges.

Any DUI / DWI case that involves sentencing enhancements has the potential to bring serious consequences. A lawyer skilled at defending drunk driving cases can explain the ramifications of sentencing enhancements and plan a strategy to help the driver minimize the serious consequences that stem from charges of drinking and driving.

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