SR-22 Forms

SR-22 FormsA driver who is convicted of DUI / DWI, or whose driver’s license is suspended during an administrative per se (APS) hearing, is required to file an SR-22 certificate of insurance with the DMV.

Many large national insurance companies will cancel a DUI driver’s policy immediately upon learning about a conviction. Anyone facing a drunk driving charge or who has already been convicted of DUI / DWI can contact us.

Filing an SR-22 form is typically the last step required to restore a driver’s license after a suspension. The driver provides the vehicle’s license number and VIN number to an insurer, and the insurer prepares the form and sends it to the driver for his or her signature. Most insurance companies then send the form directly to the DMV.

Because SR-22 forms are only required after a drunk driving conviction or an APS suspension, requesting one from an insurance company is like waving a red flag and announcing a DUI arrest. Some companies specialize in providing SR-22s, and can provide personalized service.

Many drivers arrested on drunk driving charges wonder whether they should tell their insurance companies immediately. However, because our justice system guarantees that individuals are innocent until proven guilty, drivers are under no obligation to report a DUI arrest to their insurers unless they are convicted. The best course of action is to consult with an experienced DUI / DWI attorney, who can give advice on how to communicate with an insurance company after a DUI arrest.

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