Sober Living Environments

Sober Living EnvironmentsAlthough a DUI / DWI conviction can carry punishments such as jail, fines, and license suspensions, there are sentencing alternatives available that may reduce or eliminate potential jail time. One alternative sentencing option is a sober living environment.

Sober living environments can sometimes provide a viable alternative to mandatory jail sentences. If a defendant is sentenced to jail, days spent in a sober living facility will be credited toward a jail sentence.

Sober living environments are especially appropriate for individuals who have had multiple DUIs or alcohol problems that have not responded to past attempts at treatment. All residents are required to participate in planned daily activities, such as group meetings and 12-step programs. Each resident is required to contribute to the running and functioning of the household by performing household chores.

Commitments to sober living environments also may help convicted DUI drivers pay the considerable fines imposed by the court. A stay in a sober living facility may be credited to fines or restitution the rate of $30 per day or more, at the discretion of the court. When the court sentences a defendant to both jail and a fine, days spent in sober living environments are credited to jail sentences first before being applied to outstanding fines.

In addition to keeping a DUI offender out of jail, sober living environments can help individuals with substance abuse address their problems among people struggling with the same issues. For many individuals, stays in sober living homes help to address a long-term alcohol or drug abuse problem.

For some individuals, sober living environments can be a viable alternative to jail. An experienced California DUI / DWI defense attorney can provide more information about sober living environments or other available sentencing alternatives.

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