What to do if You Are Guilty of DUI in California

What to do if You Are Guilty of DUI in CaliforniaIf you got pulled over, took the breathalyzer and field sobriety test, and got arrested for DUI for failing both of those tests and you looked like a slob, then you are guilty, and there is not much you can do about it. DUI Attorneys California can give you advice on how to better your situation even if you are guilty so that you will not be punished as badly.

One of the first things that you can do if you are guilty of DUI, besides looking for DUI Attorneys California, is to sign up for alcohol counseling before your court date. If you have never got a DUI before and if you start going to AA or some kind of Drug/Alcohol counseling center, then it will look better to the judge because you took the initiative. Even if you don’t have an alcohol problem, they are going to tell you that you do because they will say that anyone that will drive while intoxicated must have a problem. Just go to alcohol counseling and try to get good drug test results to show the court.

Make sure that if you can’t beat the case, you plead guilty. DUI Attorneys California suggests that anyone that took the breathalyzer before getting arrested and failed should plead guilty. If you refused the breathalyzer but got arrested and was forced to take it, you may have some options, but it will still be a tough case to make. If you are a repeat offender then it is usually best to plead guilty and try to make yourself look the best that you can. Your penalty will be harsher for being a repeat offender, and if you lie and are found guilty, then they will be even harsher on you.

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