What is The DUI Laws in California?

What is The DUI Laws in CaliforniaThe Law says that a DUI is having a BAC of .08 or greater. Here are DUI Attorneys California, we have found out that you can get a DUI with a much lower BAC, if you are showing signs of impairment. Since alcohol effects everyone differently, there are some people that can be drunk from a low amount of alcohol. These people can get a DUI no matter what their breath test says.

Anything that looks funny or does not seem normal can be used against you in a DUI. If you are tired, sweating or have bloodshot eyes, then they could use that as evidence. The police and prosecutors will do everything they can to attack you. If you don’t take the breath test or field sobriety test, then you will be arrested, and you might be forced to take it at the station, which is not as bad, because it is better to fail a test in a police station than while you are behind the steering wheel.

DUI Attorneys California suggests that if you have any medical problems, that you tell the policeman. Having a bad leg or being in pain can cause someone to fail a field sobriety test. In some situations, you can pass the breathalyzer and fail the field sobriety test and still be arrested. If you have proof of a medical condition or disability, it can be useful for explaining why you might have failed.

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