Drug DUI Defense

Drug DUI DefenseThere is a special kind of DUI that is somewhat easier to defend, the Drug DUI. DUI Attorneys California says that this is an easier case to defend because it is harder to prove that the person was guilty. Possession of a controlled substance is usually the leading evidence in this case, which does not mean the person was driving.

There are many different ways to defend a drug DUI case, and there are a lot of different variables in the case. The easier cases involve prescription drugs that you have a prescription for, because you should have built up a tolerance and not be intoxicated. That is why medicine bottles say not to drive until you are used to certain medications.

Most drug DUI’s have a good chance to get reduced or dropped, and DUI Attorneys California recommends that you do not say anything when pulled over for a drug DUI. The hole in a drug DUI defense is your mouth.

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