What They Can Use Against You in a DUI

What They Can Use Against You in a DUIHere, we like to try to keep you guys informed about everything related to DUI. There are many things that the police will use against you, but there are some key ones that you don’t want have on your police report.

The first one is why where you pulled over. If you were in an accident or were drifting off of the road, this can be used against you as evidence. If you were pulled over for having a tail light out, then that can’t be used against you for DUI. The next thing that happens when the officer comes to your car is that he takes a look at you quickly.

Your appearance can play a big role in evidence. The big ones are alcohol breath, slurring of speech, and red eyes. Other smaller things like having your shirt unbuttoned and your tie off to the side can make you look like you have been drinking. The next thing the officer might do is ask you to get out of the car and perform different tricks to prove you are sober (which you can refuse by the way). Your results can be used against you, but the biggest one here is the eye test, which is when the officer tells you to follow an object with your eyes, and he checks to see if it moves smooth or choppy. This test is very accurate and can be used against you for drugs as well as alcohol.

The breathalyzer is the next thing, which you can also refuse, and that gives an estimate of your BAC. This is not supposed to be used as evidence because it is not very accurate, but it might be used against you anyways. Another this you have to watch out for is saying something stupid, which you shouldn’t because you shouldn’t answer anything without a lawyer. You do not have to be read your rights until you are arrested, so watch out for this one, because they can use it against you even if you have not been read your rights. The last one is the test after being arrested, either blood or breath. Blood is accurate and can be dangerous, but the breathalyzer has its problems and can be defeated on occasion. Hopefully, you have read our site before you got pulled over so that you can be prepared.

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