California Shaken Baby Syndrome – Child Abuse Defense

California Shaken Baby Syndrome - Child Abuse DefenseWe have developed substantial experience and skill defending people facing child abuse charges involving very small children under two years old. Shaken baby syndrome cases present unique challenges for defense counsel for several reasons: guilt is typically implied from the circumstances, the alleged victim is too young to provide verbal testimony or evidence in any form, and the persons who first encounter signs of abuse are very often required to report it to law enforcement authorities as a condition of a medical, nursing, or day care license. We know how to develop and present effective defense strategies in these difficult cases. For more information, contact us.

The facts of shaken baby syndrome cases can be upsetting for everyone involved. Because of the vulnerability of the alleged victim, these cases are often charged as aggravated assault and battery, and the sentence upon conviction is likely to be a long one. Our approach to the defense of assault charges involving shaken baby syndrome relies heavily upon the development and presentation of forensic evidence that closely examines and undermines the opinions of the prosecution’s witnesses.

We bring in distinguished experts from all over the United States to review evidence of head trauma, brain injury, and neurological function reported by the complaining witnesses and alleged by the prosecutor. Our experts are drawn from many disciplines, including pediatrics, radiology, ophthalmology, and hospital administration, in order to test the evidence of injury against the prosecution’s allegations.

People likely to face shaken baby syndrome accusations are those who spend a great deal of time around infants and toddlers: parents, stepparents, day care workers, babysitters, siblings, and live-in boyfriends or girlfriends. We represent juveniles, as well as adults, facing serious child abuse charges involving infants. Our experience with the defense of these difficult allegations can make the decisive difference in the charges you are facing. For a free consultation about our approach to shaken baby syndrome defense, contact us.

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